SL. Title Date Reports
1 IPO Note - Index Agro Industries Limited 06-Apr-2021 Download Now
2 IPO Note - Desh General Insurance CompanyLimited 28-Mar-2021 Download Now
3 IPO Note - NRB Commercial Bank Limited 21-Mar-2021 Download Now
4 IPO Note - Lub-rref(Bangladesh) Limited 08-Mar-2021 Download Now
5 IPO Note - Taufika Foods and Agro Industries Limited 10-Feb-2021 Download Now
6 IPO Note- Mir Akhter Hossain Limited 01-Feb-2021 Download Now
7 IPO Note - Energypac Power Generation Limited 18-Jan-2021 Download Now
8 IPO Note - Dominage Steel Building Systems Limited 01-Dec-2020 Download Now
9 IPO Note -Associated Oxygen Limited 22-Oct-2020 Download Now
10 IPO Note- Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited 22-Sep-2020 Download Now
11 IPO Note - Express Insurance Limited 24-Aug-2020 Download Now
12 IPO Note - Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited 15-Jul-2019 Download Now
13 IPO Note- ADN Telecom Limited 05-Jan-2020 Download Now
14 IPO Note - Ring Shine Textiles Limited 11-Dec-2019 Download Now
15 IPO Note on Coppertech Industries Limited 04-Aug-2019 Download Now
16 IPO Note on Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited 12-Jun-2019 Download Now
17 IPO Note on New Line Clothings Limited 27-May-2019 Download Now
18 IPO Note on Runner Automobiles Limited 20-May-2019 Download Now
19 IPO Note - Esquire Knit Composite Limited 08-Apr-2019 Download Now
20 IPO Note - Genex Infosys Limited 06-Feb-2019 Download Now
21 IPO Note - S.S Steel Limited 16-Jan-2019 Download Now
22 IPO Note on Kattali Textile Limited 12-Nov-2018 Download Now
23 IPO Note - Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals Limited 17-Oct-2018 Download Now
24 IPO Note - Silva Pharmaceuticals Limited 09-Oct-2018 Download Now
25 IPO Note on Aman Cotton Fibrous Limited 05-Aug-2018 Download Now
26 IPO Note - M. L. Dyeing Limited 16-Sep-2018 Download Now
27 IPO Note - VFS Thread Dyeing Limited 06-Sep-2018 Download Now